My first post is gonna talk about the nice integration often searched by people 'round the web...
Enter Joomla & Flash Integration:

Quickstart for the impatient
1) Create a Section/Category/Content of your choice (say "intro").
2) Create a void Joomla theme (go to compassdesign, they have one ready).
3) Customize the template to your needs (ie. insert your Flash intro).
4) Add the template to your Joomla setup and associate the template to the "intro" Section.
5) Set the "intro" section as your first mainmenu entry item and assign it "Special" permissions.

...done: your site will now have a nice Flash intro!

For the less impaired, here's a detailed explanation:

1) Create a new section (so you can assign the custom template to this new section):

"New" -> "Section" then name it as you desire.

"New" -> "Category" then name it.

"New" -> "Content" and save

Then create a new menu entry linked to this section (say "intro").

2) Now get a basic (void) template for joomla from (you'll first have to register then search for "blank site template").

3) Once you have downloaded your void template, open it up with your fav text editor (mine is PSPad gVim ;) ), and customize it with your code:

  • Find the <body> section.
  • Paste your splash intro code after the <body> section (here I'm just assuming you'd have some basic (X)HTML knowledge already).
  • Upload your modified template through your Joomla backend (install as usual - Go to "Install" -> "Templates" and upload your template from there).

5) On the "template chooser", open your template and make an "association" from the template to your "Menu Voice" (use the "Associate" button).

2011/06/30 - UPDATE n.1) Sorry for my english: this was my first post and it was written a long time ago! I've tried to clean it up somehow, so bear with me. Also, please keep in mind that my Joomla! articles were written for Joomla! 1.0.11, 1.0.12 and 1.0.13 (as far as I remember). Today things should have _dramatically_ changed and probably there are many other ways to add a flash intro to your Joomla! site than the one described (if it still works, great ;-). Thank you for all your comments and if you find anything interesting, please click on my ads support the hosting costs and motivate me to write more.

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Joomla & Flash intro welcome (or splash) page integration
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