Joomla & Flash intro welcome (or splash) page integration

November 18th, 2007 by Andrea Matesi 6756 Views

My first post is gonna talk about the nice integration often searched by people 'round the web...
Enter Joomla & Flash Integration:

Quickstart for the impatient
1) Create a Section/Category/Content of your choice (say "intro").
2) Create a void Joomla theme (go to compassdesign, they have an already made one ready).
3) Customize the template to your needs (insert your Flash intro).
4) Upload Add the template to your Joomla install setup and associate the template to the "intro" Section.
5) Set the "intro" section as your first mainmenu entry and give assign it "Special" permissions.

...done: your site now will have a nice Flash intro!

For the less impaired, here's a more detailed descriptive explanation:

As in point 1), you were taught to c 1) Create a new section (so you can assign the custom template to this new section). So, as usual, "New" -> "Section" and name it as you desire whatever you want); "New" -> "Category" and name it, then "New" -> "Content" and save, then create a new menu entry linked to this section (called say "intro") wich connects.

2) Next we need a Get a null basic void template for joomla, go get yours at from www.compassdesigns.net (note  first you'll have to register, so proceed and then search for "blank site template").

When 3) Once you have downloaded your void template, open it up with your fav text editor (mine is PSPad gVim ;) ), and customize it with your code:

  • Find the <body>.
  • Insert your splash intro code there (well, here I'm not gonna go with many details: you'll have to know some basic (X)HTML on you own before doing that].
  • Now 4)Upload your hand-modified template as usual from the Joomla backend (basically, install as usual: Go to "Install" -> "Templates" and upload your template from there).

5) From the "template chooser" and open your listed template; from there and make an "association" from the template to your "Menu Voice" (use the "Associate" button up-right).

2011/06/30 - UPDATE n.1) Sorry for my english: this was my first post and it was written long ago! I've tried to clean it up somehow, so bear with me. Also, please keep in mind that my Joomla! articles were written for Joomla! 1.0.11, 1.0.12 and 1.0.13 (as far as I remember). Today things should have _dramatically_ changed and probably there are more efficient ways to add a flash intro to your Joomla! site than the one described ;-) Thank you all for your comments.

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9 responses to “Joomla & Flash intro welcome (or splash) page integration”

  1. candidosa2No Gravatar says:

    she work if joomla 1.5.x
    can explain how can do...
    o try she nor work for mi

  2. ErikNo Gravatar says:

    Your article rocks!!!
    I was looking for such a tutorial, great work.
    I modified it a little bit, in order to make it work for joomla 1.5. The most important is not to give "special" permissions, but just plain "public", and you have to make the intro-menu item "default", then all works like a charme.
    Thanks, again.

  3. cmillsNo Gravatar says:

    This tutorial makes no sense at all.

  4. BigbroNo Gravatar says:


    I didn't the intro flash page working by suggesting your way. Could you please describe this more in detail for Joomla 1.5?

    Your help will be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  5. adhiNo Gravatar says:

    punya contoh untuk dipelajari ga??
    saya lagi cari contoh flash yg contentnya terintegrasi dengan joomla

    terimakasih pencerahnnya

  6. PatrickNo Gravatar says:

    Not to sure of the “Then go to “template chooser” and open your listed template; from there “associate” the template to your “Menu Voice” (via the “Associate” button up-right.” part.

    Can somebody confirm if I’m right?

    • In Joomla 1.5.+ when you open the template (Template Manager) you have a Menu Assignement possibility on the bottom left (cannot be applied on default Template), I guess that’s where you have to assign your created ”Intro” menu.

    • I guess the intro Menu need to be default, as Erik says, to open first when the site is call?

    • How do you bring the other default Template?

    If I’m right the way to do it should look like this:

    1) Create a Section/Category/Content of your choice (say “intro”) then create a new menu entry called “intro” wich connects to this section. Make the intro-menu item “default”
    2) Next we need a null basic template for joomla, go get yours at http://www.compassdesigns.net (note you have to register, so proceed and search for Blank site template).
    3) When you have it, open it up with your fav text editor and customize it with your code (find the body and insert your splash intro code there).
    4) Now upload your hand-modified template as usual from the Joomla backend (”Install” -> “Templates”)
    5) Then go to “Template Manager” and open your new listed template; from there “associate” the template to your “Menu” (via the “Menu Assignement”, bottom left.

  7. @Patrick
    I think the methord is correct. Only One doubt. what will  be given to the swf action script? If get URL Commant prompted to index.php, it will not work. as default memu ( intro) itself is the index.php
    Kannan Sreenivas

  8. BluebeepNo Gravatar says:

    Is this article written in English? How do you associate a template with a section? And if you're giving special permissions, what are they?
    Seems more of a rant than a real attempt at helping anyone.

    Oh well.

  9. amatesiNo Gravatar says:


    I like english, but it is not my native language and I strive to improve it everyday.

    Way back, when Joomla 1.0.xx was current, there was the possibility to assign a particular template to a specific site "Section". Don't know if it's still so.

    "Special" permissions were a kind of articles' permissions. As far as I remember, there were "Public", "Registered" and "Special" permissions.

    Thank you all for posting.