After a couple of months of forced holidays from the Renewables Sector, I'm back in Business. I am now part of the Enee Solutions Team as an employee and I look forward to deliver best practices ICT Solutions to our Clients. Absolutely feel free to engage my employer if you're after Professional ICT Consulting services.… Read More

Dear reader, the Renewable Energy Industry is in turmoil. Bosch, for example, after losing 1 Billion €uros (~ 1.3 Billion AUD) in 2012, bailed out the Solar Panel Manufacturing Industry. So did Love Energy (my former employer), which got into financial trouble and went into administration (yes, they also stocked Bosch Solar Panels). During my… Read More

My Journey to Australia continues with an important new chapter. Love Energy is a strong PhotoVoltaics industry player and is positively changing our world into a greener society, by offering excellent solutions and outstanding customer service. Recent data suggests that 50 x 50 sq Km covered with 10% efficiency PhotoVoltaics could satisfy the whole country… Read More

  ...a Sydnesider asked me once, after I told him I was about to move to Adelaide. At such time I didn't really knew what was in Adelaide. Once in Adelaide, the morning after our arrival, our welcome party was "direct" (to say the least): our car was covered in eggs :D I don't know… Read More

I'm mostly a technical guy, not so good at selling stuff, but if you're interested, make sure to check out the above sites! Through these two sites you could find info about the professional services and solutions I currently am able to fully deliver and support (for now, italian only); if you need something, get in touch, I'm… Read More

I have a new job! As of this date I'm (officially) a "sistemista" (the italian generic term for sysadmin) for Net and Work, a little, LLC-equivalent, Correggio-based wISP fighting against digital divide. I am OK with the colleagues and the boss and I like this place: the right formula to share experiences and learn a lot of interesting… Read More

My last important work experience (Mar/2007 - Oct/2008), was for a Document Management Software House, shipping an (interesting) IT appliance ( I called this blog "" because It makes me remember when I started using computers under DOS (I was a 640kb pwrusr-cli-junkie and was not an URL!); I then grew-up as a Windows, click-click, power user;… Read More

Hi, my name is Andrea and I am an italian EU citizen. I live in Italy and work as a general IT consultant, specialized on WEB and Networking. The reason for this blog is to catalogue and organize my various activities, helping me not to forget. English is my favourite language (I'm kinda anglophile!), although… Read More