Love Energy went into administration.

April 17th, 2013 by Andrea Matesi 1377 Views

Dear reader,

the Renewable Energy Industry is in turmoil.

Bosch, for example, after losing 1 Billion €uros (~ 1.3 Billion AUD) in 2012, bailed out the Solar Panel Manufacturing Industry.

So did Love Energy (my former employer), which got into financial trouble and went into administration (yes, they also stocked Bosch Solar Panels).

During my ICT Supervisor -role at Love Energy I:

  1. Supported all User's request.
  2. Maintained Active Directory and all other User-centered solutions (Assets, Phone System, Passwords, Datacenter, etc.).
  3. Designed and deployed SMA Solar PV Monitoring solutions.
  4. Lead the JMS Task Force (JMS was Love Energy's custom CRM - at the center of the solar business processes).
  5. Responded and intervened during off-hours alarms.

My 30+ colleagues were all nice and supportive and by working hard I gained Management respect.

After the Xmas holidays, the Australian Gov.t reduced the Small Scale Technology Certificates' value, so many Solar Businesses had to review their future growth plans.

Love Energy tried to adjust its legal system to cope with the Gov.t changes. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to suffice either.

Righto, back to the drawing board...

Please contact me if your business (or employer) requires a new ICT Support Technician (as per Trades Recognition Australia positive skills assessment).

Have a good one,


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Andrea @ Love Energy.

July 8th, 2012 by Andrea Matesi 1184 Views

My Journey to Australia continues with an important new chapter.

Love Energy is a strong PhotoVoltaics industry player and is positively changing our world into a greener society, by offering excellent solutions and outstanding customer service.

Recent data suggests that 50 x 50 sq Km covered with 10% efficiency PhotoVoltaics could satisfy the whole country energy needs.

10% efficiency PV translates to cheap "low cost" technology of yesteryears. Today, the average commercial panel efficiency lies between 13 and 16%.

But that 50 x 50 sq Km need not necessarily be deployed in the middle of the Outback, since this would imply high infrastructure costs.

The easy alternative? Your roof. Easy as that.

Germany's roofs already generate 24GW (GIGA WATTS!) of clean PV energy. And especially when it is mostly needed. Imagine what Australia can do!

That said, I can't hide the fact I'm excited to share experiences with my new colleagues and offer my active contribution to the success of Love Energy's mission.

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What's the point of this pwrusr-thing?

March 31st, 2012 by Andrea Matesi 994 Views

Today I wish to address some concerns about those who ask me "What's the point of this blog" or "Yet another pointless cloned blog on the web".

Are you looking for somethin'?

But as I see it, my blog is heavily justified by my profession, which requires me to deal with different scenarios, and consequently (as the majority of my readers I suppose), rely on Google and the "Free Internet" as of 2012.

Sometimes Sysadmins end up spending hours (maybe even days), to successfully deal with specific users'/customers' requirements for acceptable solutions.

This process requires plenty of time, knowledge and creativity (yes, even traditional System Administration and Network Engineering duties require on your part plenty of creativity and lateral thinking).

Tricks under my sleeve!

I am a "results-oriented"-man, because "At the end of the day, that's the only thing that matters!"

To save time and avoid incurring on the same searches over and over again (like a broken clock), I allocate a portion of my problem-solving time to document my workflow. This way, if I happen on the same (or similar) situation again, I won't have to restart from scratch.

My last paragraph is better exemplified by a picture as well (not a proper-one, but you get the idea...!):

My Road to world domination!

This "picture" shows you what my specific experience on dealing with a particular issue was.

I heavily rely on those (apparently gibberish for non-techies) keywords to act fast and prevent searching over and over on Google, because those keywords are written by me to make me "instantly remember" what was the point of my article and how I successfully solved my specific issue at the time.

Obviously new keywords are manually added (by me) while publishing new articles.

( also perfectly fits to my blog title, which is an abbreviation of the "Power User" word!).

Sysadmins: Jacks of all trades and Masters of none.

I don't like that appellation and anytime I am writing a new article I know I am fighting against it (and frankly, what's the point if you say you can do everything, but then you'll have to search on Google? Everybody can do that!).

When I'm required to perform a task or solve a specific issue, my best-case scenario requires me to simply read the keyword that enlightens me, then start doing, which means less time spent thinking and searching and more time spent on solving specific problems.

This feature of my blog is mainly useful to me, but I reckon any Linux/Windows SysAdmin may be able to decipher my keywords and understand at once what I am specifically referring to.

This is my way of "giving back" to my colleagues. I also think this positively adds value to my blog and reinforces my reasoning.

Ads & Beer.

The advertisements are just part of the game: I strive to keep a balance between the "taking" and the "giving". Since hosting and VPS are professional services that costs money which I'll have to cashout on my own, by clicking some of my advertisements, you'll contribute to the blog maintenance. If some particular article did help you "save your day", I also included a Paypal button which would allow you to shout me a beer that I'd gladly share with my wife.

Andrea Matesi at Sydney.

Thanks for reading this, have a wonderful day!

Andrea Matesi.

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Adelaide?! What's in Adelaide???!!!

March 19th, 2012 by Andrea Matesi 883 Views


...a Sydnesider asked me once, after I told him I was about to move to Adelaide.

At such time I didn't really knew what was in Adelaide.

Once in Adelaide, the morning after our arrival, our welcome party was "direct" (to say the least): our car was covered in eggs :D

I don't know yet if it was the "Rabbits OHS" sticker, the NSW plate or a normal "southern housewife tradition" to get rid of eggs, but I think such "bold externalization" says a lot about "the mighty south aussies", my Sydnesider friend.

Back to the original question, anyway, here's what I found in Adelaide:

- The best Australian beer (Coopers Stout FTW).

- Glenelg.

- The Farmer's Union Iced Coffee (even if it "doesn't taste like it used to be" - but it still outsells Coke).

- And, more than everything, in Adelaide the sky is so blue (as in Sicily!), that you can easily quit "speaking about the weather" (the most common thing Europeans do), and start focusing on what you really want in life.

Andrea Matesi during Australia Day 2012 and the Coopers coach.

So, together with my family, we've decided to sort our papers and start the Permanent Residency application process.

In the meantime, I'm looking for employment opportunities, even casual ones, to start the ball rolling (I can drive/transport, paint, clean, whatever).

I'm also offering some business opportunities that could be of interest to the "right" persons:
- An Electronic Document Management Business Software opportunity.
- A Regional Wireless Internet Connectivity Startup idea (and my on-the-field experience of course :D).

Ring me up and let's talk business!

Mob. 048 8910603.


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So, what's your trade, son?

March 5th, 2012 by Andrea Matesi 1033 Views

I'm good at Network Engineering and Systems Administration.

I'll post the link to a great article from the "Washington Post", which talks about a trade that seems not so common downunder: Wireless Networking.

Inside the company I worked for, NETandWORK Srl, we were the heroes.

We delivered the same Washington Post article's services, plus many other traditional ISP services, like www and email hosting.

My Boss is "the Man", I was his right shoulder, and we had our riggers, and a lot of happy customers, and it was a fantastic experience.

Please do not confuse the kind of wireless networking we were offering with the current "mobile broadband offerings" from Optus, TPG and the like...

The pings FROM our customer's LANs TO some regional DNS Servers were in the order of 20msecs average, not like those:

And yes, in Italy there's "mobile broadband" too, but we didn't fear any competition from them ;-)

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Moving to Australia.

March 2nd, 2012 by Andrea Matesi 929 Views

It's been a lil' while since I didn't write stuff "about me", so here's some updates for who cares :D

The GREAT news is:

  • I moved to Australia.

...when I was a kid, my life purpose was to become a scientist and move to the US.

On my 30s, I ended up trading my IT knowledge for some Vegemite!

I found I enjoy the application of technological solutions that improve our ordinary lives in the name of efficiency and sustainability.

Italy (my home Country), is a lovely place, with exceptional people and fantastic food, but I felt we needed some change. So, together with my family, we're kicking around OZ (and we miss Italy too, but that's part of growing up and getting a life).

Now, I'm looking for the next fantastic company that is trying to change the world and improve our lives: are you the one?

Contact me!

*Just in case you're wondering what "Y.A.EU.I.A." is, I'll post it here as a reference, for everyone to know: "Yet Another European in Australia". And he doesn't bite :D

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Now I have FB and linkedin too [24/nov/2009].

February 25th, 2012 by Andrea Matesi 1073 Views

I'm mostly a technical guy, not so good at selling stuff, but if you're interested, make sure to check out the above sites! Through these two sites you could find info about the professional services and solutions I currently am able to fully deliver and support (for now, italian only); if you need something, get in touch, I'm very pleased to deal with people and problems, trying not  to be rude at the same time, since I firmly believe that good public relations are fundamental for the delivery of good projects.

Another nice link about me (if you care), may be my linked-in professional social networking profile, you can find it here:

View Andrea Matesi's profile on LinkedIn

There you can find some details about me and my previous jobs experiences (pic included too).

If you're a friend and wanna re-link with me, you can also find me @ facebook...

Other personal stuff I like: I like culture in general, and I think that IT needs a lot of time, studies and devotion to succeed, this is the main reason I dedicate a lot of time to it and this blog is only a marginal fraction of it. Sometimes I like to play PC-only videogames (not a lot of time for it recently...), I perform amateur overclocking, and sometimes I try new virtualized Linux/UNIX distros (even if my favourite is Ubuntu), I enjoy to build and upgrade my pc piece by piece, I also play with networks and I like to learn new things WEB and IT-related. I love music, especially rock and metal, I can enjoy a good book, and I like movies and series, especially Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica and Stargate Atlantis (even if I am not an expert nor an enthusiast); I also love Movie Theatres (even if they became a bit on the expensive side...). My favourite beverage is beer, and once in a while I enjoy having moderate quantities: I am a responsible adult and I am very positive about life and take my health seriously, so I really don't like getting drunk and I consciously limit myself not drinking too much and too often (in fact it's quite the contrary); that said, the beverages I know and appreciate are Belgian, Irish and German quality ale.

I love doing a lot of things, but the true love of my life is my wife, Rosalia.

All of this blog makes use of the (almost patented, lol) "cut'n paste english™" (also known as spaghetti english :D). If you wanna use it too, of course you're free to do it ;-) (remember I'm an original born italian, and all of the english you find around is simply extemporized).

Enjoy your browsing experience at my blog; if you find errors or read stuff that just don't make sense (or for any other inquiry), please write me using the contact form at the following page:, I love receiveing e-mails from people (not spammers!).

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Sistemista at NETandWORK Srl, Correggio [01/jul/2009].

February 25th, 2012 by Andrea Matesi 877 Views

I have a new job! As of this date I'm (officially) a "sistemista" (the italian generic term for sysadmin) for Net and Work, a little, LLC-equivalent, Correggio-based wISP fighting against digital divide. I am OK with the colleagues and the boss and I like this place: the right formula to share experiences and learn a lot of interesting stuff.

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Carpi, Archivist & other updates [17/Nov/2008].

February 25th, 2012 by Andrea Matesi 1278 Views

My last important work experience (Mar/2007 - Oct/2008), was for a Document Management Software House, shipping an (interesting) IT appliance (

I called this blog "" because It makes me remember when I started using computers under DOS (I was a 640kb pwrusr-cli-junkie and was not an URL!); I then grew-up as a Windows, click-click, power user; then Microsoft created the Power Users group inside Windows, so I felt offended by the term and started to dislike it (too few permissions!), then I moved to Linux and re-discovered my power user spirit and enjoyed my root credentials for some time, bringing randomness and destruction to my / for many kernel generations (some 2.2.x from a man, some red, next generation, 2.4.y and many cylonesque 2.6.z), 'till the day Ubuntu went into orbit: with the power of sudo, I returned being a pwrusr again (well, it seems I lost some vowels in the meantime, but the spirit remains the same), so, on october 2007, this blog was born.

sudo make me a sandwich! - this simple illustration make me always smile and be happy.

Actually, I work as a full-time spare-time and free-time (well, not so much, indeed), IT consultant for my customers, through Winsystem Snc, a little general partnership software house between me and my sister, and its web and open source services division:

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About me [18/Nov/2007].

February 25th, 2012 by Andrea Matesi 970 Views

Hi, my name is Andrea and I am an italian EU citizen. I live in Italy and work as a general IT consultant, specialized on WEB and Networking.

The reason for this blog is to catalogue and organize my various activities, helping me not to forget. English is my favourite language (I'm kinda anglophile!), although everyone is welcome. When asked, I like to define myself as a "Linux System Administrator",  but I highly respect the IT field in general (yes, including Active Directory) and I don't like the feeling of being "tagged": I am just a man.

For business reasons, I may be related to such job profiles and technologies: Network and Computer Systems Integrator, Computer/IT Consultant (Contractor), System Administrator, Network Engineer, Database Designer, Public Relations guy, Value Added Reseller, Virtualization, Web Master, QA guy, Technical Writer, Supporter, Web Designer, but a more concise definition about my main qualifications may be the O*NET Online, Network and Computer Systems Administrators.

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