The problem.

Sometimes Cpanel/WHM seems to eat your customer's mail out by apparently no reason.

You can figure this out by reading the exim’s log and finding those strange strings (this is an incoming message):

2011-04-20 10:35:08 1QCSsN-00029z-RG [] Warning: "SpamAssassin as usrname detected message as NOT spam (-1.8)"
2011-04-20 10:35:08 1QCSsN-00029z-RG <= [email protected] [] P=esmtps X=TLSv1:AES256-SHA:256 S=105081 id=C9D46976.7B0A%[email protected]
2011-04-20 10:35:08 1QCSsN-00029z-RG => /dev/null <[email protected]> R=central_filter T=**bypassed**
2011-04-20 10:35:08 1QCSsN-00029z-RG Completed

As you can see, Spamassassin considered the message as NOT spam, but no matter what, the message ended inside /dev/null.

Although note the "central_filter": it did tell exim to ignore the message.

Well, you should know that, in addition to spamassassin, there is an additional bayesian filter that learns whatever keyword in the message should be considered as spam.

You can see how it works by checking the /etc/vfilter/ file and the relative /home/domainna/.cpanel/filter.yaml

Those files, essentially, contain the bad keywords and how they should be treated (either deleted or moved to some folder).

The solution.

Rather than delete the contents of the file, it's better to go into "cPanel" > "Account Level Filtering" and "cPanel" > "User Level Filtering" and remove whichever location has that filter setup. Removing the filter will remove that entry in the file without requiring you to edit any .yaml file.


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preventing central_filter from putting your user's mail into /dev/null.
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One comment on “preventing central_filter from putting your user's mail into /dev/null.

  • Hello,
    Since I faced the same problem, I wish to share with you my findings.
    Attached images, accompanying the messages, as an endless text.
    I believe that this was the reason in my case:
    Maybe a "text contained in body" matched exactly with some part of that image long text...
    Best Regards
    Nodas M.

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