My primary objective is to make a pc boot from usb flash drive and launch the standard debian installer.

Check & make sure your BIOS is set to "Boot from USB" (sometimes also known as "Boot from Removable Device").

Get boot.img.gz (stable linked below):


unzip & place raw content inside the UNMOUNTED flash drive:

zcat boot.img.gz > /dev/sdc (assuming sdc is yours).

Above comment unzips and appends boot.img to your Usb Key.


Get current netinst iso image:


Above command wgets etch-netinst.


Now copy-paste the ISO file image to the flash drive (as is).


All good - you may now disconnect your new Debian Installer USB Key and spread the Debian word everywhere!

If it works, it will boot a kernel and find automatically the iso image then proceed with the install process as usual.

Please Note:

During partitioning, your flash drive might be listed before your HDD(s). In other words, your USB Key might take precedence and be reported as /sda (while your other internal HDDs might show-up as /sdb,/sdc, etc.).

To mitigate the above issue, goto your BIOS then Set "Boot Removable Devices First" to "Disabled".


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Boot Debian Installer from USB flash drive.
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