If you use CentOS with some SNMP NMS (such as Zenoss), chances are you want to monitor some specific hardware that:

  1. Is not supported out-of-the-box from your NMS.
  2. It is supported by your hardware manufacturer.

The process of adding a new MIB is very easy.

You'd have to check first if the manufacturer supports SNMP, then see if it publishes and releases (usually through their site), the specific functions supported by their hardware (i.e.: an UPS with specific snmp features like APC would have some specific features regarding Power usage, etc.).

  • Go to your product manufacturer and download the product's MIB.
  • Rename the mib to MIB-NAME.txt
  • Copy the MIB inside /usr/share/snmp/mibs/
  • Edit /usr/share/snmp/snmp.conf
  • Input the following statement:

mibfile /usr/share/snmp/mibs/PowerNet-MIB.txt

add snmp mibs to CentOS.
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