or why a pwrusr buys a Dell Precision M6600.

(a 3 Pts. article which explains why I got the Dell Precision M6600 Laptop).

I finally settled on a fancy new laptop which is, in fact, my first true personal laptop: the Dell Precision M6600 in all of its glory!

As some of the readers of this blog may have guessed, I deal with people and computers and I enjoy offering my services as a trusted employee.

Once I moved from Sicily to Northern Italy, all of my belongings followed me: my car, my (proudly self-built) desktop pc and the "best buy" of my life, a wonderful 24” PVA LCD from Dell (the 2405FPW).

But getting down under is a whole different story: I needed a Panzerkampfwagen VIII nice and sturdy laptop to start from scratch.

Before entering the flashy world of notebooks, I needed to feel the market pulse, so I started looking at the existing models, I investigated laptop hardware news channels, I made a notebookreview.com account (the best Notebook Community out there, seriously) and in the beginning I started reading various threads, then, once I thought I got something, I declared the M6600 Owners thread my notebookreview.com home (I also posted some doubts and shared my experiences with the other users, very good experience overall).

Anyway, before getting the M6600, I first wrote down some notes on what my “user” needs were and some (wife looking at you...), budget figures in accordance with my dear other half - in the end, we settled to “no more than 2 months of my (tiny) salary".

That's more or less what I needed:

  • A test environment to study and experiment with IT Certs.
  • Virtualization Support.
  • Browsing and E-mailing.
  • Casual web development.
  • Casual DSLR photography.
  • Casual home, music and movies entertainment.
  • Quality and sturdy materials for the casing.
  • Casual gaming.
  • Desktop-like scalability and upgradeability.
  • Some basic security features.

That's (more or less) what I got:

1xLaptop Dell Precision M6600 w/i7-2720 & 12GB 1333Mhz DDR3, Quadro 3000m, WLAN 6300.

1xCorsair Force 3 SSD (it works perfectly fine by booting MS-Win2k8R2SP1 w/the Hyper-V Role).

1xOCZ nocti mSATA SSD (it works perfectly fine, by booting a virtual instance of an AD w/pass-through mode).

1xTB 9.5mm Samsung M1 hdd.

Logitech G500 Mouse.

Dell WWAN 5550 (paired w/the the "bush survival kit" - more on that on another article :D ).

Senior Professional Network and Computer Systems Engineer during work hours and father when home.

Andrea strives to deliver outstanding customer service and heaps of love towards his family.

In this Ad-sponsored space, Andrea shares his quest for "ultimate" IT knowledge, meticulously brought to you in an easy to read format.

My Dell Precision M6600 Review intro.
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