My Dell Precision M6600 Review intro.

March 17th, 2012 by Andrea Matesi 6057 Views
or why a pwrusr buys a Dell Precision M6600.

(a 3 Pts. article which explains why I got the Dell Precision M6600 Laptop).

I finally settled on a fancy new laptop which is, in fact, my first true personal laptop: the Dell Precision M6600 in all of its glory!

As some of the readers of this blog may have guessed, I deal with people and computers and I enjoy offering my services as a trusted employee.

Once I moved from Sicily to Northern Italy, all of my belongings followed me: my car, my (proudly self-built) desktop pc and the "best buy" of my life, a wonderful 24” PVA LCD from Dell (the 2405FPW).

But getting down under is a whole different story: I needed a Panzerkampfwagen VIII nice and sturdy laptop to start from scratch.

Before entering the flashy world of notebooks, I needed to feel the market pulse, so I started looking at the existing models, I investigated laptop hardware news channels, I made a notebookreview.com account (the best Notebook Community out there, seriously) and in the beginning I started reading various threads, then, once I thought I got something, I declared the M6600 Owners thread my notebookreview.com home (I also posted some doubts and shared my experiences with the other users, very good experience overall).

Anyway, before getting the M6600, I first wrote down some notes on what my “user” needs were and some (wife looking at you...), budget figures in accordance with my dear other half - in the end, we settled to “no more than 2 months of my (tiny) salary".

That's more or less what I needed:

  • A test environment to study and experiment with IT Certs.
  • Virtualization Support.
  • Browsing and E-mailing.
  • Casual web development.
  • Casual DSLR photography.
  • Casual home, music and movies entertainment.
  • Quality and sturdy materials for the casing.
  • Casual gaming.
  • Desktop-like scalability and upgradeability.
  • Some basic security features.

That's (more or less) what I got:

1xLaptop Dell Precision M6600 w/i7-2720 & 12GB 1333Mhz DDR3, Quadro 3000m, WLAN 6300.

1xCorsair Force 3 SSD (it works perfectly fine by booting MS-Win2k8R2SP1 w/the Hyper-V Role).

1xOCZ nocti mSATA SSD (it works perfectly fine, by booting a virtual instance of an AD w/pass-through mode).

1xTB 9.5mm Samsung M1 hdd.

Logitech G500 Mouse.

Dell WWAN 5550 (paired w/the the "bush survival kit" - more on that on another article :D ).

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