This is about validation and clean coding techniques. Recently, I discovered the w3c validator. Everybody knows it, everybody use it...or everybody ignores it? Maybe the latter is true! Let's start from the basics: after some modifications this current template (typography), thought about of giving the (in)famous W3C Validator a go. By Clicking on a link on… Read More

Here's my experience on actively contributing in the resolution of a problem related to Active FTP & gnu-linux/ip-tables based firewall solution. First, make sure your firewall has loaded the following modules: ip_conntrack_ftp ip_nat_ftp Then check that the right Forwarding rules apply: iptables -I FORWARD -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT being "RELATED" the important part.… Read More

My primary objective is to make a pc boot from usb flash drive and launch the standard debian installer. Check & make sure your BIOS is set to "Boot from USB" (sometimes also known as "Boot from Removable Device"). Get boot.img.gz (stable linked below): wget unzip & place raw content inside the UNMOUNTED flash drive:… Read More

My first post is gonna talk about the nice integration often searched by people 'round the web... Enter Joomla & Flash Integration: Quickstart for the impatient 1) Create a Section/Category/Content of your choice (say "intro"). 2) Create a void Joomla theme (go to compassdesign, they have one ready). 3) Customize the template to your needs (ie.… Read More