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New Ubuntu 12.04 LTS X64 Desktop Hyper-V Virtual Appliance available.

Proceed to the download section to obtain your copy.

Release Notes.

This marks the release of the first publicly available Ubuntu 12.04 LTS X64 Desktop Hyper-V Virtual Appliance.

Simply download, extract and import ("Action" -> "Import Virtual Machine"), the appliance onto Hyper-V to deploy a ready-made Virtual Machine.

Virtual Machine Settings.

The Virtual Machine definition is included in this release.

Virtual Machine Details:

  • CPU = 1.
  • RAM = 2048 MB, Static.
  • Network Adapter interface unconfigured (you'll have to manually add one).
  • Linux Integration Services for Hyper-V already included by default into the Linux Kernel!
  • Login with User Name = "user" and Password = "[email protected]" (without double quotes).

What did you do!

This release consists of a vanilla "ubuntu-12.04-alternate-amd64.iso" installed into a Dynamic VHD created with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 with the Hyper-V role enabled.

Ubuntu alternate is the Standard Ubuntu Desktop which differs from the default only by the ncurses installer.

I used the ncurses installer to deploy a flexible partitioning scheme with LVM.

During the setup process:

  • I created a custom partitioning scheme (refer to the image included below).

All the rest is totally vanilla and all the setup options were left at default (Timezone, Computer name, etc. - refer to the included "doc"-folder for all the screenshots).

The Scheme.

Ubuntu 12.04 X64 Desktop LVM Partitioning Scheme.


The Story so far….

At the end of the setup phase, the installer asked to reboot the Virtual Machine.

Instead of rebooting, I simply shutdown the system then I made a clone of the VHD image to verify if it booted.

Once I verified the cloned VHD booted correctly, I released the untouched original (ie. unbooted) for your own use.

Known Issues.

  • Doesn't shut down or reboot as expected (after typing "halt" or "reboot" commands respectively).


- ubuntu-12.04-amd64-dist.vhd MD5SUM = 225e85ecd3b0bb707e9fd916e166e724
(Verify with http://www.nullriver.com/downloads/Install-winMd5Sum.exe).

Still undecided if that's for you?

Virtual Appliance is a convenient way to deploy a virtualized OS up and running in no time.

The alternative is to build your own: in this case you'll have to download the full Ubuntu ISO image (~700MB), deploy your VM, customize your partitioning scheme for maximum flexibility and install the OS on it.

The process just described takes time and bandwidth.

My Virtual Appliance is smaller than the official Ubuntu download (only 531MB!), it is ready to deploy and it offers a maximum flexibility partitioning scheme.

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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS X64 Desktop Hyper-V Virtual Appliance available.
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