I just reached OSCON website and I discovered that this summer, from July 20 to 24, 2009, there is an exciting party!

The OSCON is a famous annual event, dedicated to the Open Source "movement", held by publisher O'Reilly Media and sponsored by some great industry names like intel and Google.

O'Reilly is the good guys that somehow sponsored the creation of the famous Linux Network Administrator Guide (that unfortunately I still had no time to finish...). They may also be considered "innovators" from the point of view of book licenses, since they kinda invented "Open Books", a precious pearl of knowledge on the web, now released as Creative Commons (check and download from here: http://oreilly.com/openbook/ ).

This year, OSCON (Open Source CONvention) is held at the heart of the Silicon Valley, on sunny San Jose, CA, place known also as intel's HQ.

Well, intel may not have a lot to party, since EU Commission just fined them an incredible €. 1.06 billion, but other than that, intel demonstrated a lot of open intents, like kernel mode-setting key-aspects contribution, unbelievable boot times for netbooks (see moblin.org and Samsung netbook bootup youtube video) and other interesting technological goodnesses. 

OSCON is not just tons of conferences, it's also where interesting open source projects gains (deserved) mainstream visibility, so Sourceforge.net readied the "Community Choice Awards", a program aimed at allowing you to push your favorite open source project up. Through that site you can nominate the open source projects you like the most and then hope they get selected and presented at the OSCON.

Nominations will be accepted until May 29th, so you are still in time to nominate your favorite projects too! Winners will be declared July 23rd. Note you can cast one vote for every category, and since there are 12 categories, you can wisely choose 12 projects!

Here are some of my favorite 2009 open source projects.

Best Commercial Open Source Project: Alfresco Labs


Best Project for the Enterprise: vtiger


Most Likely to Change the Way You Do Everything: jfusion


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OSCON and your favorite Open Source app
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