I like games, who doesn't? I started from "Press Play on tape" to (misattributed) "640K ought to be enough for anybody" to Voodoos & today's wine.

I'm also trying to avoid Windows XP when possible (why? IDK...) and I'm with the people that thinks 2008 will be the Linux Desktop year.

So that's my short intro to my new Category: Games.

I wish to start this new category with a classic DnD RPG: enter Neverwinter Nights 2 ...great game..uh? OK, so, my actual rig [not a great one..], is an old power-hungry intel Pentium 4 2.8Ghz EM64T paired with 2Gbs of DDR400 and a GeForce 6800GT 256MB; I have the latest Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 64 bit with linux-2.6.24-rt and wine 0.9.60 from wine repos. I followed twickline's guide on how to install DX9 to wine with his guide [beware, I have an accessible xp install on another partition, so I take this for granted]: shortly:

  • start from a clean config.
  • on winecfg, set it as Windows 2000, Vdesktop to 1024x768 and test audio.
  • set dlloverrides by appending the following stuff: [Software\\Wine\\DllOverrides] 1206264929 "d3d8"="builtin" "d3d9"="builtin" "d3dim"="native" "d3drm"="native" "d3dx8"="native" "d3dx9_24"="native" "d3dx9_25"="native" "d3dx9_26"="native" "d3dx9_27"="native" "d3dx9_28"="native" "d3dx9_29"="native" "d3dx9_30"="native" "d3dx9_31"="native" "d3dx9_32"="native" "d3dx9_33"="native" "d3dx9_34"="native" "d3dx9_35"="native" "d3dx9_36"="native" "d3dxof"="native" "dciman32"="native" "ddrawex"="native" "devenum"="native" "dinput"="builtin" "dinput8"="builtin" "dmband"="native" "dmcompos"="native" "dmime"="native" "dmloader"="native" "dmscript"="native" "dmstyle"="native" "dmsynth"="native" "dmusic"="native" "dmusic32"="native" "dnsapi"="native" "dplay"="native" "dplayx"="native" "dpnaddr"="native" "dpnet"="native" "dpnhpast"="native" "dpnlobby"="native" "dsound"="builtin" "dswave"="native" "dxdiagn"="native" "mscoree"="native" "msdmo"="native" "qcap"="native" "quartz"="native" "streamci"="native"
  • ...inside ~/.wine/user.reg
  • get DirectX 9 redistributable from here.
  • install DX9 first uncompressing it to a folder (i used dx9): wine ~/Downloads/directx_mar2008_redist.exe
  • ... then launching setup: wine ~/dx9/DXSETUP.exe (ignore error msg).
  • copy gm.dls to wine's system32: cp ~/Downloads/gm.dls ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32
  • you can now play with dxdiag settings: wine ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/dxdiag
  • copy imm32.dll from your xp install to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32
  • time to install Neverwinter Nights 2, so grab your DVD media and install it: wine /media/cdrom/setup.exe (My Install went flawlessly! It also installd Dot Net 2.0).
  • For the sake of curiosity, I launched and it worked, even if there were some random errors; I solved random errors by getting Microsoft.VC80.crt and extracting its content inside game's dir: unzip ~/Downloads/Microsoft.VC80.CRT.zip ~/.wine/drive_c/Programmi/Atari/Neverwinter\ Nights\ 2/

That's it for the bare, unpatched, Neverwinter Nights 2. If you want to have the best possible experience, you should also install the patches and the official expansion, Mask of The Betrayer, but that's another beast to deal with :)...don't worry, soon I'm gonna post another tutorial, dealing with Mask of The Betrayer Official Expansion and updates. I wish to credit for all this stuff twickline from wine-review for DX9 tips and this guy from here for precious NWN2 tricks, please pay visit to their site for more tips.

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NWN2 + Ubuntu Hardy + wine.
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