Ready for Windows 10 Creators Update?

  • Go to Settings -> Update and Security and check to see if the next major incremental Windows 10 "Creators Update" has been enabled for you.

Here's three simple reasons that made me justify the Windows 10 Creators Update odd 1h upgrade time (hint: you'll get this time back with interests!).


1. No more f.lux.

Windows Creators Update introduces "night light".

  • Night light automatically dims blue lights at night (for your night-time computing pleasure).


# Settings -> Display -> Night light - this "supersedes" f.lux - one less program to care/install.


If you've been using f.lux, Windows 10 Creators Update night light simply adds a built-in replacement (no extra software required - finally I must say!).


# f.lux no longer required.


2. Easy connections to VPN networks.

The new Windows 10 Creators Update VPN Connection feature.


  1. (On the bottom right corner, near the clock): Click on the "Network Ethernet Adapter"-icon (or on the "Wireless symbol"-icon).
  2. Select the VPN connection from the list.
  3. Click on the Connect Button to Connect to your VPN.


Previously, connecting to a VPN on Windows 10 1511 or 1607 (Anniversary Update) was absolutely convoluted (and a complete waste of time from the support perspective).


3. New Edge tabs "Session Management".

The Solution.

If you're an advanced Edge user (and why wouldn't you?!), I'll assume you'd want your tabs back once you close & reopen Edge.

On Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft developed this nifty tabs management feature which allows you to group "tab sets" (by date) and reopen them if or when is required.


# This is what happens after you click on the icon with the left arrow (top-left, greyed out b/c I've just clicked on it!).

This feature is called "Set these tabs aside".



# Clicking on the "two windows"-icon (top-left) displays your tabs - Click on "Restore Tabs" to re-open them again.

This other feature is called "Tabs you've set aside".


The Problem.

One of my favourite Edge settings is to "Open Microsoft Edge with" "Previous pages":


If you've been using Edge with the (above) option of having it restore the "Previous pages", I bet you know how frustrating it was (on Windows 10 1511 or 1607), to close your main Edge window first, only to find out that another sneaky popup window was sitting behind the scenes.

Closing that last window meant that your "last closed page" would've been restored when re-opening Edge for the second time!

In other words, you'd lost all your precious tabs (and NO - browsing back through your history is something only forensics analysts do!).



BONUS-1 (Edge) - Scroll on the tabs bar.

In this case, an animation is worthier than a thousand words - below I was simply scrolling with my mouse on the Edge tab bar.


# To test the above new feature, please proceed as follows:

  1. (On Edge): Open many tabs, like heaps of tabs - actually, open more Edge tabs than would normally fit on a single row.
  2. Done? Great - Now place (or hover) your mouse cursor arrow above any of the open tabs (without clicking on anything - just rest the mouse in the specified location).
  3. Next, all you'll have to do is scroll - your tab bar list will be scrolled horizontally, allowing you to conveniently browse through many open tabs :)


BONUS-2 (Edge) - One Click to Open Download.

"Open" is back!

It is more likely that you didn't know that Internet Explorer, whenever downloading a file, offered you the option to just "Open" it - "no questions asked".


Well, now Edge does that too - Click to Download something then Click (or tap) on the "Open"-Button to Open your downloaded file straight away.


Still undecided? As you can see from the above, the ~1h time required to perform the Windows Creators update will repay itself in productivity gains!


Do you have any other favourite new Windows Creators Update features? Feel free to share!

3 new must-have Windows 10 Creators Update features
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