I successfully replaced a liquid-spilled Macbook Pro Logic Board, specifically an A1278, which is the Mid-2010 model.

After replacing the Logic Board (and re-connecting all the connectors), I turned the laptop ON and it behaved perfectly.

  • The problems appeared once I screwed the bottom cover to the case!

After I turned the Macbook with the bottom cover ON, I experienced the following problems:

  • The fan was blowing at full speed.
  • The Cursor moved slowly (ie. scattered).
  • While Shutting the System down, it turned back ON automatically!
  • It was bloody slow!

The previous issues disappeared as soon as I removed the back cover, so I thought it should've been something related to it.

I searched on Google and after some time I found this magnificent Apple Support post by "averagedude" (or should I say awesomedude):

So, armed with some good old black electrician duct tape, I covered all the unprotected MB connectors.

On my specific case, I reckon the problem was related to the power connector: because of the liquid spill, the power connector "sponge" absorbed all the liquid and it reduced in size (and so it didn't protect the power connector anymore).

By screwing the bottom cover to the case, somehow, the metal from the back cover touched the power connector (this should also explain the erratic shutdown...).

Can I say problem solved?!

Next please!

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[Solved] Macbook Pro erratic behaviour with bottom cover IN.
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