My MSI EX700 MAC OSX 86 Hackintosh Part 1/3 - the laptop.

February 2nd, 2008 by Andrea Matesi 2301 Views

Under christmas I gifted my gracious wife with a new laptop. I wished her a brand new Apple Macbook Pro, but bince I ain't rich, opted for a cheaper one; enter MSI EX700. You can find various editions of the so-called laptop, mine has the following specs:

  • Vista Home Basic 32
  • LCD 17,1'' / ACV / WXGA+ / 1440x900 Pixel (1 stuck blue pixel :( )
  • Chipset: Intel® PM965 Express Chipset (Cpu-Z 1.43 says it's GM965)
  • CPU: Intel Celeron M530 (1,73 GHz) [SSE, SSE2 & SSE3]
  • RAM: 1x1024MB DDR2667 + 1x2048 Corsair Value DDR2 667Mhz [added by me]
  • GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 8400M G, 128MB VRAM on board (mxm Type II - difficult to replace)
  • HD: Western Digital 120GB 5400rpm
  • DVDRW: OptiArc Super Multi
  • SOUND: Realtek 883
  • WLAN: Atheros 5007eg 802.11b/g WLAN mini pci-e Card
  • LAN: RTL Gigabit Ethernet LAN
  • PWAN: Bluetooth
  • Webcam: 1.3 MegaPixels BisonCam (Ali M560x series I think).
  • 6Cel Li-Nh Battery
  • Full Keyboard + Standard Keypad (yuppy!)
  • Weight: 3 Kg

I took it for €. 700,00 - almost $. 980,00 ...Well, kind of cheap, uh?? bundled CDs: no Full Vista disc (as expected), so I got that 10Gb partitioned space were Vista Recovery resided. In case of failures what to do? Call MS! And that's just what I did: I ordered an upgrade to Vista Ultimate 32 (just in case...) for the amazing price of €. 5.76 (but that's another story). I cleaned the HD from every partition and every data. Then I took (from known torrent sources), iAtkos 1.0i & Kalyway Mac OSX 86 10.5.1 Hacked distros. First I tried with iAtkos: no way. The installer get stuck @ boot time. So I switched to Kalyway 10.5.1. Amazing: install process worked perfectly. I choose not to install anything special, just bare (no NVinject et all) & MBR. First boot was good (but damn slow gfx, as expected, since no drivers for mine 8400GS). So I started to digg around (being it my first contact with MAC world...), in search of ins & outs. After getting a bit acquainted (I learned the OS in no time, it feels very natural), I wanted to know if and how my hardware was recognized. To my surprise, many things worked, other needed hacks. Just for reference, I suspect that this notebook uses the same kind of MS-1719 Motherboard that can be found on the higher level MSI GX700 Gaming Series laptop, and I suspect it can be also custom built, as a bare bone laptop, from a 3rd party Reseller like RKCOMPUTERS (http://www.rkcomputers.net/rkcnotebooks/). Part 2 will follow, with the hacks I had to implement to make stuff work better. I here anticipate that actually not everything is working correctly, but there is chances that in the near future, everything is going to work (then I'll decide to buy my original license, for now this is just a test experience). P.S.: All the things described here and after are fruit of my personal research & testing, no warranty given that it'll work too for you. For more info please register at forum.insanelymac.com

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