bind 9.3.6 from the official CentOS 5.4 (Final) repos didn't support the "size" parameter.

The "size" parameter is declared inside the named.conf file, namely at the "logging" section.

  • Check "man named.conf" to verify if your version of BIND DNS supports it.

In my case I noticed that grows to 1003M (1050803867) and remains so.

Since I don't need such a huge log file, I deemed it safe to weekly delete it.

As a brutal countermeasure, I made this simple script:

vi /etc/cron.weekly/

Copy-paste the following:

# elimina settimanalmente /var/named/data/ perché bind 9.3.6 non
# prevede opzione "size = Xm" dentro named.conf, sezione "logging".
/etc/init.d/named stop
rm -f /var/named/data/
/etc/init.d/named start


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BIND 9.3.6: lame trick to prevent to grow to 1GB.
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