Today I'm going to write about the (in)famous iptables, the be-all do-all of GNU/linux packet filtering de-facto standard. Iptables is recognized to stand as one of the most used and most powerful firewall solutions around the web. Here I'll just share some really basic rules applied to one of my little boxes: #!/bin/bash IPTABLES=/sbin/iptables modprobe… Read More

    Who, where, what. Linux file permissions is all about numbers: read permissions correspond to a "4", write permissions correspond to a "2" and execute permissions correspond to a "1". When you sum the previous values, you'll get the corresponding "rwx"-scheme (incidentally this also happens to correspond to 3 bits - From 000 To… Read More

Back in the day (when Shadow Copies, GitHub, SharePoint and Google Docs were unbeknown to me!), I relied on Linux file servers with Samba for basic Windows LAN company data shares. Some Company files were more important than others, so having some working copies of those files it was of utter importance (you already know… Read More

  These days, a proper Windows file server is considered "commodity". NAS boxes are considered commodities too. Should you wish not to stick to commodities and live "off-the-grid", your LAN documents sharing needs may simply be served by a simple CentOS box (configured with Samba).   "What's the catch"?! No centralised Users management (such as when on Active… Read More

The following is just some random advice derived from my experience on dealing with email-related issues. More specifically, here I'll be referring to exim (a very popular mail daemon), Cpanel/WHM & CentOS. Check if the user & password combination is correct. Check if the SMTP Authentication is enabled. Check if the User's mailbox is full.… Read More