On Windows 1511 or 1607 ("Anniversary Update"), to connect to a VPN) you have to: Go to Settings.   Select Network & Internet.   Select VPN.   Click on the desired VPN profile. Click on the Connect Button(!).   This 5-step process is overly complicated to end Users.   An OLD Trick. To make Windows… Read More

  Ready for Windows 10 Creators Update? Go to Settings -> Update and Security and check to see if the next major incremental Windows 10 "Creators Update" has been enabled for you. Here's three simple reasons that made me justify the Windows 10 Creators Update odd 1h upgrade time (hint: you'll get this time back… Read More

  These days, a proper Windows file server is considered "commodity". NAS boxes are considered commodities too. Should you wish not to stick to commodities and live "off-the-grid", your LAN documents sharing needs may simply be served by a simple CentOS box (configured with Samba).   "What's the catch"?! No centralised Users management (such as when on Active… Read More

    or How-to forcefully RE-APPLY GPPs (and "do not reapply"). Someday I was playing with Group Policy Preferences (GPPs) and I noticed that my policy didn’t literally apply more than once (ie. after updating one of the policy preferences with the "new settings", that is)! To reproduce the issue, I followed these steps: 1. Created… Read More

    If you ever had to deal with MySQL in the past, I'm sure you had to spend lots of time searching on Google (as I did..). To save you some searching, I'll post some commands I "learned while doing". I'll assume all you know about MySQL is "mysql -u root -p" The above… Read More

    To successfully import a "maildir"-type of mailbox into Outlook, you first need an intermediate step. The intermediate step involves the conversion of the "maildir" mailbox into the "mbox" format first. Once you have the single mbox-file, you can then extract the *.eml messages (& subsequently open them with Outlook).   1) "maildir" To… Read More

  Someday I had a VM installed on a passthrough Hard Disk Drive. Some weekend, instead of going out, I decided I required that bloody drive to experiment "some more" ('though, a compassionate hoarder feeling inside of me didn't want to bork that OS). My solution was to migrate my Virtual Machine into a VHD… Read More

If you want to join your system to an Active Directory Domain, BUT you don't wanna lose your data & restart from scratch (ie. your Desktop, files, settings, shortcuts, you-name-it), here's how.   Gimme fuel. Before actually doing your real Local User Account to Domain User Account "profile migration", make yourself a favour — do a… Read More

The following is just some random advice derived from my experience on dealing with email-related issues. More specifically, here I'll be referring to exim (a very popular mail daemon), Cpanel/WHM & CentOS. Check if the user & password combination is correct. Check if the SMTP Authentication is enabled. Check if the User's mailbox is full.… Read More