All the web is crap...?

November 29th, 2007 by Andrea Matesi 2057 Views

This is about validation and clean coding techniques. Recently, by browsing the web, I stuck at the w3c validator. Everybody knows it, everybody use it...or everybody ignores it? Maybe latter is true! Let's start from the basics: after some modifications made to this current template (typography), thought about the (in)famous W3C Validator. So, clicking at the link on the sidebar, near the end where it says "Valid XHTML", was redirected there. After the check, I found something like 12+ errors! Amazing! I just installed WordPress, added some plugins, added this nice theme and wrote some random articles. The bad results, were in some way related to dumb errors, made by me when I first inserted content (I wrote directly, in place of putting code, so I forgot hyphens, etc.). Then I tried to figure my errors (and try to solve them). I solved the solvable, the others are in my "future tasks" list, maybe someday I'll figure them out. In conclusion, for W3C Validator my site is crap. Once I was there, I decided to give it a try once more and test some of the "big guns", to see if they were good enough to pass the Validation process... surprise, surprise!

  • Microsoft.com is giving TONS of errors, but they may pass - MS generally tend to live inside it's separate world.
  • SUN.COM is, like MS, a site full of crap, coded by people that don't care about Open Standards.
  • DELL.COM results in 143 Errors, maybe the guys at Dell aren't so synchronized about the creation of a standards conforming WebSite?
  • Even GOOGLE.COM, an example of clean, compact, fast and efficient website, results on, uhm, let's see...there are 30 Errors!!!
  • Not talking of the mighty ADOBE.COM, THE contributors of a huge piece of the actual web - 7 errors.

And the list goes and goes and goes...For me this is simply incredible! Who'll ever say that? The most expanded Operating System in the World, paired with the First Supporters of Open Source Software, followed by one the biggest HW Company in the WORLD, and neared by the BEST Search Engine of Earth, not to say about the BEST Web Editing & Graphics Software Company simply don't care to have a "Standards Compliant Web Site". Now, if the "big guns" really don't care about it, why should I? My only consolation stands here: www.sitepoint.com results in only ONE error, and they don't even sacrifice one bit of information, offering RICH content and 99.9% compliance. Now that's the way web sites get done, and sooner or later I will try and best their result on mine (even if this means a complete rewrite of the template). I can get no... BTW, are we so sure W3C Validator is up to its task? Update 25/dec/2007: My new search does give the INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ORGANIZATION (http://www.iso.org), as a "Non Valid" web site! LOL! Even ISO don't care about web standards.

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