Chrome broke my heart <3 by not loading pages anymore.

So instead of going out with my beloved ones, here I am, fighting with Chrome :)

This error seems to be referred to as "White Screen of Death" (WSOD) because of a white background and a ”Waiting for cache…”-message on the lower left Status bar while no page is being loaded.

While searching for a solution, I tried the “Clear browsing Data…”-Button from:”the beginning of time”.

I cleared the following:


  • Clear browsing history.
  • Clear download history.
  • Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data.
  • Empty the cache.
  • Clear data from hosted apps.

After a couple of days, the dreaded “Waiting for cache…”-blank page started reappearing again(!).

To fix the “Waiting for cache…” issue, I adopted a radical approach - uninstall Chrome!

Before rushing into uninstalling Chrome, there was an issue I had to take care of first – …153 Open Tabs!

Since I adopted Chrome as tool of trade, I “bought” into the Google Sync Service, which promises to Save you all your Open Tabs:“in the cloud” – sweet!

To allow Chrome Tabs Sync with Google, you’ll have to:

  1. Be signed in to Chrome with your Gmail Account.
  2. Make sure “Open Tabs” is checked (even though your browser is not working…).
    Go to chrome://settings/syncSetup and flag “Open Tabs”.
  3. Verify that your Google Dashboard says you have xXx “Open Tabs”.
    153 is just a Number.

If you can confirm the previous steps, uninstalling Chrome should just be a matter of:

  1. Clearing your browsing data (as explained above, at the beginning of my post).
  2. Uninstalling Chrome from your Control Panel –> Programs (as usual).
  3. Opening your AppData & Searching/Deleting any “Chrome-related”-remnants.
  4. Rebooting your Computer.

Time to Install Chrome…

While installing Chrome back, I also experimented with “Chrome for Business” MSI Installer Package (& related Administered Settings), to deploy it through Group Policy (but that’s another story…).

Install Chrome as usual then Sign in to Chrome with your Google Account.

You will notice all your Web Apps will re-appear back, but not your Tabs…

To reopen all your Open Tabs:

  1. Open a New Empty Tab.
    CTRL (or Command) + T or Click on the “PLUS”-Symbol.
  2. Click on “Other Devices” (Bottom right).
    You never noticed that…eh?
  3. Click on the miniscule Small Arrow near your “ComputerName” and Click on “Open all”.
    ALL your Tabs are belong to US!

I hope “Waiting for cache…” is now a thing of the past also for you!



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[Solved] Chrome "Waiting for cache" (WSOD) & How to Open all your Synched Tabs back.
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