My fav UltraVNC Settings.

March 23rd, 2013 by Andrea Matesi 1958 Views

I'm not the right person to argue if it's either a good or a bad idea to use a standalone Windows XP box as a Network Management System.

Suffice it to say that (in my experience), it works.

This retired OS is also light on requirements, which is a plus!

To gain remote access to this "concentrator", I relied on UltraVNC.

I'll document the settings which would allow simultaneous access to the same session.

To allow simultaneous access to the same session, I'd configure the UltraVNC Server as follows:


I'd also make sure the following box remains UNCHECKED:



If you configure UltraVNC as I did, you'll gain fast and simultaneous (Users) access to the same Windows xp Session.

- Just don't forget to install UltraVNC on your clients :-)

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