Thanks to the following (awesome) blog post:, today I was able to add/show non-indexed network locations into my Documents Library.

This workaround is especially useful whenever you're storing, say, your family Pictures on a (Linux-based) NAS that does not support indexing.

For convenience’s sake, I’ll report what's involved the way "it worked for me":

  1. Win+E –> C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries\
  2. Right-Click on the Library you wish to customise (ie. Pictures).
  3. Select "Open with..." and open w/your fav txt editor.
  4. Scroll to EOF and locate the last "</searchConnectorDescription>".
  5. Copy the following code:


  6. Paste the above code BEFORE "</searchConnectorDescriptionList>" AND BELOW/AFTER the last "</searchConnectorDescription>".
  7. Update "<url>\\your-file-share\location\folder</url>" with your desired Network Location.
  8. Save and close, then browse to, say, your Pictures Library (as you normally would).
[BONUS UPDATE]: On Windows 8/8.1, Libraries have been disabled (by default).

To enable/show Libraries on your folders list, proceed as follows:

Show Libraries

  1. Open File Explorer and move your mouse to the vertical/left navigation list (Favorites, This PC, etc.).
  2. Right Click on a blank spot in that area (ie. on the white empty space between Favorites & This PC).
  3. Select "Show Libraries" to bring Libraries back.


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Include non-indexed (network) locations to your Libraries.
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