The 200k that challenged phpMyAdmin.

May 29th, 2011 by Andrea Matesi 1041 Views

mySQL cli is a fast and nice tool to manage your DBs. I suppose we'll never get rid of it because of it's extreme usefulness.

I bet you already know what it means to "slip your hands in the jam" (just an italianism, not to be taken too seriously). By that, I mean darn long query command searches to learn the commands' syntax, a lot of copy-pasting until you found that right combination that "simply works™" for your specific case.

Hopefully, some clever devs came to our help and invented GUIs (well, sort-of), such as phpMyAdmin, (and others too - just search!).

These GUIs allow poor sysadmins, pwrusrs and alike an easier DB administration (especially when it comes to "frustration-free" INSERT queries).



Today, through programmazione.it newsletter, I discovered this two-years old new kid in town: Adminer.

Basically, it's just a 200k, single-file phpMyAdmin alternative. You simply chuck it in your "DB-powered-website", toggle some switches and off you go - just don't mess-up your DB!

If you're using Joomla!, WordPress or Drupal, you can have it as an installable plugin too (here: J!, WP or D).

The author of this tool is this European Czech guy called Jakub Vrána, who does seem to be knowing what he's up to.

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