Microsoft-mas gifts.

Microsoft was so happy about the Windows 8 success that they choose to gift us all with a new, improved Windows (or should I say Tileows?!) 8.1.

If you are the lucky owner of a genuine Windows 8, you are entitled to a free Windows 8.1 upgrade from the Windows Store.


Go get it now!

To upgrade your Windows 8 x64 to the new Windows 8.1 x64, proceed as follows:

1) Download & install (Administrator permissions required - follow the prompts & Restart as requested).


Windows Store

free good is that?!

2) Tap (or Click for us oldies) on the green "Store" tile (please note - Administrator permissions might be required).




Guess what?!

3) Select the giant purple tile named "Update to Windows 8.1 for free".



Download Windows 8.1 from Windows Store more Internet for tonight :)

4) Click (or tap...) on the (violet?) "Download"-Button.

5) Brace for a 3.42GB impact.

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5 steps to upgrade Windows 8 x64 to Windows 8.1 x64 for free.
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