Network Users & Computers management is what I've been studying recently. The following is a placeholder-post related to info I should inspect and eventually try:

  1. What is LDAP? Here:
  2. Well, I wanna try it! Here:
  3. Other clues? Here:
  4. What about security? Here:
  5. A self signed Cert is crap! I want mine. Two Options:
    1. e-mail cert from thawte:
    2. better, a free SSL cert for mine server[ITA]:
  6. OK, so what is kerberos? Here:
  7. Is it useful? I mean WTF? Yes, Use Kerberos for Authentication, LDAP for the DB and NFSv4 for the files (great info):
  8. Other info source[ITA]:
  9. Single Sign ON? Read on:
  10. Clarification of Windows Users Profiles:
  11. An interesting book (am I gonna buy it?):
  12. Other Kerberos + LDAP info:
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ldap, samba, & Co.
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