2 Options. When you need to provision a new Windows program to by multiple Users (ie. that remotely login to the same TS/RDS Host), you have 2 options. Setup.EXE VS Setup.MSI If your app comes packaged with a 3rd party installer (generally "Setup.EXE"), you'll need to manually place your TS/RDS Host into "Install Mode".… Read More

Alcatel OmniPCX requires a .wav format file sampled in PCM 8000 kHz, 8 bits, mono - full stop. 3, 2, 1...action! Record your voice message as a wav file. To record a voice prompt, you may simply... Run "Windows sound recorder". Record a wma (or a wav) file. Then you'll need to convert your message… Read More

Thanks to the following (awesome) blog post: http://blog.ryankempt.com/2012/09/windows-library-add-non-indexed-location.html, today I was able to add/show non-indexed network locations into my Documents Library. This workaround is especially useful whenever you're storing, say, your family Pictures on a (Linux-based) NAS that does not support indexing. For convenience’s sake, I’ll report what's involved the way "it worked for me":… Read More

  In case you missed how to get the free Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 upgrade, here's a quick rundown of what's involved: 1) Install http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40098 and restart as requested. 2) Open the Windows Store "As Administrator". 3) Click (or tap) on the huge "Update to Windows 8.1 for free"-tile & Select Download. The download… Read More

    As promised, today I will continue blogging on how to Setup a Windows RESET Image to Restore your System to a previously working state. This post builds on my previous ones (reported here for convenience): 1. Best Windows UEFI/GPT partitioning scheme 2. HOW-TO Setup a Windows REFRESH Image. Please note – the RESET… Read More

    To continue with your discovery into hidden but-not-so hidden Windows secrets, the next step after configuring your Best Windows UEFI/GPT partitioning scheme is to setup a Windows REFRESH Image. If you are a Windows Laptop or Tablet user, it is likely that your (reputable?!) vendor has already done the hard work for you.… Read More

    In this post, I will assume that you wish to deploy Windows 8.1 (or newer) to your UEFI computer on a blank GPT Hard Disk in the best possible manner. “Best” is a highly subjective topic of which you can write bibles and treaties about. My vision of “best” mainly (not always!) revolves… Read More

In one of my previous articles I wrote how to use a couple of fancy tools included by default on Ubuntu to clone and restore an Windows, NTFS-based, broken hdd: http://www.pwrusr.com/system-administration/how-to-make-an-ntfs-image-of-a-faulty-windows-hdd-with-ntfsclone-and-ubuntu Today I will show you how I performed a similar operations by relying on CentOS 6.2 live and standard “default” tools. The cloning procedure.… Read More

  If jailbreaking your iPhone 4 is not enough and you wish to squeeze that little small extra performance off it, then proceed as follows... 1. Login (SSH) into your iPhone. SSH to your iPhone with your favourite SSH client.   2. Create a New "backup dir" to which to move some useless daemons. Why… Read More