Don't miss out!

I welcome every geek and IT Pro to attend "The fastest CentOS VM Deployment on Microsoft Hyper-V Servers"-speech, by participating at the next Linux SA Meeting.

The Linux SA Association is the host organization sponsoring the adoption of Linux and FOSS in South Australia.

The speech is presented by yours truly.

I will demonstrate how to deploy new Linux CentOS Virtual Machines inside Microsoft Hyper-V-based hosts, on a fast and efficient manner.

The presentation will be held Tuesday 15 May 2012 at "Marcellina Pizza Restaurant", 273 Hindley Street at the Adelaide CBD and will begin at 6.30pm.

Attendance is FREE and you're welcome to have pizza after the speech - no membership/reservation required!
Add it to your calendar so you won't forget :-)

Some slides to wet your (pizza) appetite...

My outraging presentation title.

The fastest Linux CentOS VM deployment on Microsoft Hyper-V Servers by Andrea Matesi.


...Or so it seems.

Check this out:

no more "Microsoft vs Linux"?!


Come and see "why 4 useful VMs"!

Why 4 VMs? Attend my talk and you'll know :)


Interested? Hope so.

That's all there it is to it.

- Tuesday 15 May @ 6.30pm.

Marcellina Pizza Restaurant

273 Hindley Street

Adelaide, SA, 5000

A. Matesi:"The fastest CentOS VM Deployment on Microsoft Hyper-V Servers"-speech.
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