[SOLVED] My Dell XPS L501X won’t turn ON.

September 28th, 2013 by Andrea Matesi 17551 Views

According to the following thread:


The possible culprits for the laptop not turning ON are:

  1. A defective Mother Board (or Logic Board).
  2. A charging Port defect.

In my experience, I will add to the previous list:

  • The AWM cable run, located below the upper frame (ie. the frame where the trackpad is attached).

01.awm-20696 e221612-s80c-30v-vw-1

Above you can see the original Dell 40cm AWM 20696 E221612-S 80C 30V VW-1 Ribbon cable.

This cable connects the laptop Power Button to the Mother Board.

02.awm-20696 e221612-s80c-30v-vw-1-defect

Detailed in this picture what could happen to your cable.

As you may notice, the golden pins are all ripped off and broken.

If you connect such a cable don’t be surprised if your laptop doesn’t turn ON!

So, before rushing and buying a replacement Main Board for your Dell XPS l501X (but I reckon it also applies to L502X), check your AWM Cable status (ie. take a snap & zoom)!

I got the replacement cable from the following E-Bay shop:


For my wife’s Dell XPS L501X I ordered an AWM 20798 RIBBON CABLE 0.50 mm pitch 12 PIN 400mm 12PIN 40 cm (which slightly differs from the Dell original one, but is 100% COMPATIBLE).

I also got two spare unused Dell L501X mainboards and a spare charging port for sale:

  • DELL XPS15 L502X MotherBoard nVidia 2G (DAGM6CMB8D0 Rev.D GM6C Black CPU Socket). <- Not Available anymore!
  • DELL XPS15 L501X MotherBoard (DAGM6BMB8F0 0C9RHD White CPU Socket). <- Not Available anymore!
  • DELL XPS15 L501X Charging Port. <- Not Available anymore!

Please make me an offer for the above equipment if your issue is not the AWM cable !

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9 responses to “[SOLVED] My Dell XPS L501X won’t turn ON.”

  1. I want the motherboard for dell xps l501x, can u say me the cost and how many days to ship .

  2. me puede decir el costo de la tarjeta madre de la DELL XPS modelo
    p11f003..... del gm6c

  3. Hi and thank you for your inquiries.

      The Mainboards are not available anymore.
  4. RobNo Gravatar says:

    I have the same laptop, and the same problem, but the link for the cable you ordered does not work, and I have looked everywhere trying to find one, and everything I find is too short.

    Could you do me a huge favor and possibly link me somewhere to purchase one? I'd be forever in your debt.


  5. DizNo Gravatar says:

    I also need anidentical cable. any idea where i could get one compatible?


  6. maxsim86No Gravatar says:

    i find bios for this model . please attach here

  7. BzaNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for your post really helpful .
    I contacted Excell and they are asking the below questions .. what is 2 & 4 ..any help ..?
    1. 12 pin
    2. wide?
    3. 40cm long
    4. same side or inverted side?
    5. AWM 20696
    6. 105C or 80C?

  8. Anybody who needs a similar cable can contact the seller on the same ebay shop:


    The cable is:

    -12 pin
    -0.50mm Pitch
    -Same Side (You need to fold it several times to put it in place)
    -AWM-20696 but AWM-20798 works as well
    -40 cm Long
    -0.60 cm Wide ( A bit more than half a centimeter)

  9. YashodhanNo Gravatar says:

    I have problem with my Dell Xps L501x. When I try to turn on my laptop it doesn't get on.
    What I see during this problem is:-
    When I turn on my laptop and press power button then only light of power button blink for 2sec but doesn't get on.