• Alcatel OmniPCX requires a .wav format file sampled in PCM 8000 kHz, 8 bits, mono - full stop.

3, 2, 1...action!

Record your voice message as a wav file.

To record a voice prompt, you may simply...

  1. Run "Windows sound recorder".
  2. Record a wma (or a wav) file.

Then you'll need to convert your message to PCM 8000 kHz, 8 bits, mono.

How to convert your voice prompt to PCM 8000 kHz, 8 bits, mono.

To convert your sample you may wish to use ffmpeg.

  1. On Windows, obtain a copy of ffmpeg from the following address (courtesy of zeranoe):
  2. Decompress one of the latest ffmpeg builds into a temp folder.
  3. Open the temp folder (ie. where you extracted ffmpeg).
  4. Put a copy of your original Alcatel voice prompt, inside the ffmpeg's "bin" folder (just for your convenience).
  5. Open a Command Prompt (Right Click then "Run as Administrator").
  6. CD to your ffmpeg bin folder.
  7. To convert your audio file to an Alcatel OmniPCX acceptable-format, type the following command:

ffmpeg -i MyOriginalVoicePrompt.wma -ac 1 -ar 8000 Converted.wav

This is it, you may now correctly upload your converted wav file into your Alcatel OmniPCX Phone System.

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