On 4th November 2010, Mr. Mark Shuttleworth provided some guidelines over what Ubuntu will become in the future years.

In addition to adopt Unity as an alternative to the upcoming Gnome Shell, with its latest blog post, he added that, in the coming years, the Ubuntu GUI will be modeled over the Wayland display server (a promising alternative to the omnipresent X Server), with the ambitious goal (over the long term), to eventually replace the gigantic, and, by some explicit comments everywhere (just search for it!), bloated X Server.

The Wayland project integrates at its core kernel mode-setting, Graphics Execution Manager and OpenGL compositor. For pwrusrs around the globe, that should mean "that we'll never see tearing, lag, redrawing or flicker" anymore.

So say we all!

- for a more in-depth interview with the Wayland main developer, check this out:


A new core GUI for Ubuntu
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