How to assign an IP Address to APC AP9630 NMC2 card with a Serial Cable.

July 28th, 2012 by Andrea Matesi 18267 Views


Today I’m gonna show you how to configure an APC AP9630 Network Management Card 2.

This card allows you to manage your UPS remotely. Very useful, very modular, very expensive.

To manage successfully your UPS, you'll have to give it an IP Address according to your Network specifications.

You can do this by first accessing the device through a serial I/F and hyperterminal (or PuTTY).

The process works basically like this:


Serial Howto.

Use the included serial <-> jack cable and attach it to your serial port or usb2ser I/F.

Program your COM port as 9600-8-n-1-nohw and use apc/apc as default usr/pwd combo.

Open Hyperterminal and execute the following:

apc>tcpip -i -s -g
E002: Success
Reboot required for change to take effect.

This will let your UPS have an IP Address (-i) of with a Default Gateway (-g), but for the IP Address to be reachable, you'll have to reboot the device first.

E000: Success
Reboot Management Interface
Enter 'YES' to continue or <ENTER> to cancel : Y


Once your NMC is rebooted, it would be a good idea check if the IP Address you assigned is correct, by accessing again with Hyperterminal and launching the "tcpip" command (without parameters):

IF you assigned IP Address is correct, at this point you can simply browse the NMC IP Address with your favourite browser and proceed to the L3 config.

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