I'd like to share some thoughts on the successful PC game F.E.A.R.

When this game came out, I didn't even know what Monolith was talking about.

Since I've enjoyed FPS games since the good 'ol wolfenstein times, the positive (almost enthusiastic) reviews convinced me to buy this game.

In short, the weapons sound right, the enemies are all kinda humans, there is gore and violence at an enjoyable level and the story is creepy and visceral alas clichéd ('though plenty of positive reviews as said).

After many years of "solo" playing (mainly constrained by dialup), I recently discovered Multiplayer, and I must admit that it is fun!

After some fragging, I was “recruited” by the (MAD) clan.

A clan is just like a free informal club of people, having fun by shooting at each other(!).

How do you get "recruited"? Easy - login in to some server and shoot all the people that don't have a logo.

After shooting at the server's owner for a few times, you'll get noticed!

I did & the server's owner offered me to join his clan, so I accepted and then added the “(MAD)” suffix to my nickname (as instructed by my new friends).

I can now be shoot at around the evenings (GMT+1), over some F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate multiplayer server; my nickname is, simply, (MAD)Andy.

To the fight :D

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the (MAD) Server.
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