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OK, so, I've sealed my old XP Install as said at a previous article (look here: XP clone & migrate (without reinstall) ). The following is a short summary: I then cloned the SATA HD connected to an nforce2 controller & AMD CPU to an IDE HD connected to an IDE controller by using Ubuntu and dd. Next I connected the IDE HD to a new intel C2D-based mobo on the JMB 368 IDE controller, and all went fine (all recognized and all): end of story. What I expected to do was to port my AMD CPU + nforce2 XP Install to another mobo, precisely a still good (and a bit old), Biostar P4M800 M7 A with an intel P4 Prescott 2.8Ghz HT EM64T, VIA PT890 Chipset + VT8237 SB & SATA (this is my spouse's pc - for practical reasons she needed hers and I, mine, and since her data was on mine xp install...), practically is the description of an AMD to INTEL switch. So, just before connecting the IDE HD to the new mobo, I cloned It once again, this time to a different SATA HD. As soon as the cloning process finished, I suddenly took this HD and connected it to the Integrated VIA SATA Controller of the Biostar mobo. First boot, crap! It kept BSOD-ing continuously. I said: DaN, Why??? After some thinking I figured it out: the reason was the SATA port and the VIA Controller (yeah, I know: reading this does seem obvious, but while you are doing it it's another thing): there were no drivers before, so XP complained about it! I thought that, if XP was smart enough to search for SATA drivers on its own, were it would expect them to be, it'll have worked. So I searched the Via SATA Storage controller drivers. Best bet was manufacturer's website, in this case BIOSTAR, so I  after some struggling I found what I was looking for: VRAID_DRIVER_V550B.ZIP SATA Drivers. I grabbed a copy and put another inside my flash drive. Next I booted my spouse's PC with Ubuntu live and accessed the flash drive were the driver resided. I opened the driver's zip file and searched through the folders, until I found what I was looking for:

  • VRAID_Driver_V550B\VRAIDDrv\XP\x86\viamraid.sys

From ubuntu I copied this file to:

  • C:\Windows\system32\drivers

Then rebooted the system with windows xp. To my surprise, I discovered It worked.

[UPDATE-2012-03-22]: Reviewed some grammar....

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