My MSI EX700 MAC OSX86 Hackintosh Part 3/3 - Considerations.

February 9th, 2008 by Andrea Matesi 850 Views

Here I'll expose some descriptive personal considerations from the --almost successful-- experiment, with mine MAC OS X + MSI EX700 laptop. INTRO My motivations for doing such an experiment, falls back in times when the most powerful PCs was the i386. At that time, I got my (father's...) very expensive) IBM 286. I found and installed platform games and learned IBM-DOS. I used to play "Lotus III" split-screen from DOS, at a friend's house. Then, my mum bought an IBM B&W laptop, a 386SX, but this laptop had a difference from my friend's PC: the IBM OS/2. Looking (and using) another OS, my curiousity grew up: there existed other OSes! Since I was a stubborn child, I wished to know how many OSes existed in the World; this way I discovered Amigas (another friend of mine had one), and Apple Macintoshes (never saw a real one, just magazines). Then came "BBS times". I suspected that out there, probably existed something different from the usual DOS+Windows, so I started digging for it; after some time, Slackware came to me. I used it for some time, dual booting with Windows (for games). Then I tried all the other, major distros, but found them unappealing and difficult (other that my hardware never worked as expected). Since Macs was soo expensive (and still they are...), I just left this wish untouched, enjoying my Windows + Linux life. Recently (and finally I must say), a dream come true! After all of this time, it seems that I have no more Operating Systems wishes...[not true: there is still the upcoming Open Solaris (as soon as I'll try it, I'll post something...)]. PHILOSOPHY... On my experience, I can tell that every Operating System does have a "feel" and do make you "feel" something (it's not very and clearly explainable, it's something between the rational and the irrational). I was thaugth that a man in life can make different choices: with head and with heart (well-tought and instinctive choices): wich of the two is the right one, only time and experience is going to tell. Today's Information Technology does seem very influenced by this "dualism philosophy" (1 or 0 any?). From reason-side I see Apple MAC OS X as a big, octopus-like Window Manager, that sits on top of a Darwin (FreeBSD) core, offering a smart and easy way of getting things done. On the heart-side it can be seen as "beautiful, emotional, detailed, user-centric" and all the feminine things that comes to my mind. I can say I felt very good with my Mac OS X experience, but, since Apple does not allow Clone Hardware installs, I see it as "Illegal". And the feeling of "Illegal" is not good (for who cares). If someday all of my Hardware will work, I'll buy a regular license (yes, my wife doesn't want Vista back...). CONCLUSION "Don't be fucking moron by using this Apple MAC OS X Hacked version everyday/everytime/everywhere if everything for you works", instead, "Buy a licence if all of your hardware has been recognized (I know it is still illegal, but it's gonna show Apple Inc. that there is money out there)" else, "Contribute your efforts by making stuff compatible and share your knowledge with other people on the INSANELYMAC FORUM, we all need a new monopolist's competitor, to help innovation on the X86 market (since more competition should bring more innovation)". Who knows? Maybe someday Apple will choose to become more "Software Oriented" and open compatibility up to grey-pcs. My hope is that, someday, Apple will recognize that all the work made from Linus Torvalds & company is better than their actual (core) and adopt it! All of this is my personal point of view, you are not incited to do as me, that's my attitude! ...power to the users and have fun! Andrea Matesi

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