Here I'll expose some descriptive personal considerations from the (almost successful) experiment with my MAC OS X + MSI EX700 laptop.


Some of the reasons for pursuing such an experiment fall back to a time where the most powerful PCs were intel's i386.

During that time, I had my (father's) very expensive IBM 286 (w/IBM DOS).

On the IBM 286 I got used to find and install "platformer" games (and learned IBM-DOS in the process). I also used to play "Lotus III" split-screen on an MS-DOS 386 PC, at a friend's place.

Then, mum brought home an IBM LCD Display laptop, a 386SX. 'Though this laptop had a difference from my friend's PC - IBM OS/2.

Looking (and using) another OS other than DOS, stimulated my curiousity - other OSes existed!

Given I was a little curious, I wanted to know how many OSes existed around the World, so that's how I discovered, admired (but never owned) Amigas (other friends had Amigas), or Apple Macintoshes (never saw a real one, just on magazines).

Then the "BBS era" came in.

I always suspected that "out there", probably something different from the usual DOS+Windows world existed, so I started digging for it.

Some time later, I discovered Slackware - I kept it on my computer for a while (ie. while dual booting on Windows - b/c "games").

Then I tried many other distros, but found them unappealing and difficult (also, my hardware never always working in full - except on Ubuntu, that is).

Since Macs were soo expensive (apparently they still are), I still had this wish unexplored (I enjoyed my Windows + Linux life, thank you very much).

Recently (and finally I must say), with Hackintosh a dream came true!

After all of this time, it seems I have no more Operating Systems cravings [not true: there is still the upcoming Open Solaris (guess I'll post something once I try it)Update-2017: lol - OpenSolaris Discontinued :)].


After my experience, my conclusion is that every Operating System does have a "feel" and wants to make you "feel" good.

At once, I was told that a man in life can only make two choices: with their head and with their heart - wich of the two is right, only time and experience will tell.

Today's Information Technology seems very influenced by this "dualism philosophy" (1 or 0 anyone?).

On one hand, I see Apple MAC OS X as a big, octopus-like window manager that sits on top of a Darwin (FreeBSD) core. It offers a smart and easy way to get things done.

On the other hand, it is a beautiful user-centric OS (and other feminine feelings that may come to mind).

I felt very good with my Mac OS X experience, 'though, since Apple doesn't allow clones, I see it as "Illegal".

The "Illegal"-feeling is not good (for whoever cares). If someday Apple allows you to run OS X on your Hardware, I could get a regular license (yes, my wife doesn't want Vista back...).


Don't be a fucking moron by using this hacked Apple MAC OS X version everyday/everytime/everywhere (including if everything works for you) to up your "l33t" credentials.

Buy a licence if all of your hardware has been recognized (I know it is still illegal, but it's gonna show Apple Inc. that there is money to be made).

if you enjoy Hackintosh, contribute your efforts by making stuff compatible and share your knowledge with other people on the INSANELYMAC FORUM.

The world needs a new competitor, to spur innovation in the X86 market (more competition should bring more innovation).

Maybe someday Apple may become more "Software Oriented" and open up to grey-pcs. My hope is that someday Apple could recognise the hard work made by Linus Torvalds & dump its actual core for Linux!

That said, all of this is "fruit of my imagination" and in no way you are incited to think like me.

Power to the users and have fun.

[UPDATE-2017]: Raw, idealistic and perhaps a little bit wooly-headed conclusions I guess.

People change, but Windows remains the same (a constant in my life).

My love-hate relationship with Windows has now come to terms with Microsoft becoming a champion of the Open Source movement - Microsoft is a Platinum member of the foundation while PowerShell, .NET and other Microsoft Open Source projects have become mainstream.

In retrospective, I've chosen to remain commited to the Windows ecosystem, while not disliking Apple or Linux odd jobs :D

My MSI EX700 MAC OSX86 Hackintosh Part 3/3 - Considerations.
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