Joomla!, like many other web-something, is an evolving thing, and exciting new features pop-up almost on a daily basis, but sometimes there's an hidden price: increased complexity often translates to additional maintenance burden and additional risks, and so decreased overall security. When talking about "security", it's impossible not to talk about backups, and this, by… Read More

Happy day, today: My personal weblog is now Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. I've made essential corrections needed to clean the code. As promised previously, on an older post (look here), I was struggling to make this template and related modifications, Valid XHTML 1.0. Now I finally made it! The magic between PHP, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and… Read More

This is about validation and clean coding techniques. Recently, I discovered the w3c validator. Everybody knows it, everybody use it...or everybody ignores it? Maybe the latter is true! Let's start from the basics: after some modifications this current template (typography), thought about of giving the (in)famous W3C Validator a go. By Clicking on a link on… Read More

My first post is gonna talk about the nice integration often searched by people 'round the web... Enter Joomla & Flash Integration: Quickstart for the impatient 1) Create a Section/Category/Content of your choice (say "intro"). 2) Create a void Joomla theme (go to compassdesign, they have one ready). 3) Customize the template to your needs (ie.… Read More