Hi, my name is Andrea and I am an italian EU citizen. I live in Italy and work as a general IT consultant, specialized on WEB and Networking.

The reason for this blog is to catalogue and organize my various activities, helping me not to forget. English is my favourite language (I'm kinda anglophile!), although everyone is welcome. When asked, I like to define myself as a "Linux System Administrator",  but I highly respect the IT field in general (yes, including Active Directory) and I don't like the feeling of being "tagged": I am just a man.

For business reasons, I may be related to such job profiles and technologies: Network and Computer Systems Integrator, Computer/IT Consultant (Contractor), System Administrator, Network Engineer, Database Designer, Public Relations guy, Value Added Reseller, Virtualization, Web Master, QA guy, Technical Writer, Supporter, Web Designer, but a more concise definition about my main qualifications may be the O*NET Online, Network and Computer Systems Administrators.

Senior Professional Network and Computer Systems Engineer during work hours and father when home.

Andrea strives to deliver outstanding customer service and heaps of love towards his family.

In this Ad-sponsored space, Andrea shares his quest for "ultimate" IT knowledge, meticulously brought to you in an easy to read format.

About me [18/Nov/2007].
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